Gender Issues

The proposed research is gender neutral and thus it does not touch upon gender-sensitive dimensions in research. Both the researcher and the host group highly acknowledge the importance of gender issues, especially in technology areas related to sciences and engineering, and will work towards achieving gender-neutrality in all dimensions of this (and future) project/s. The experienced researcher is a woman, very active in achieving gender equality in computer science.

Specifically, she is the founder and chair of Greek ACM-W  Chapter, now listing more than 200 members including almost all Greek female professors in Computer Science and related Departments of the Greek Universities, as well as researchers, people from the industry and other computing professionals. She has served as the chair of the Evaluation Panel of the Minerva Informatics Equality Award, 2018. She has been a member of the 1) ACM Women Europe Raise&Wise Committee, 2) ACM Women Europe Executive Committee, and 3) ACM Committee of European Chapter Leaders (CECL). She has also been the Chair of ACM Women Europe National Contacts Programme, 2017.

P. Fatourou has co-organized and co-chaired the Summits on Gender Equality in Computing (GEC 2019, GEC 2020, GEC2021) and she has been the scientific director and chair of the organizing committee of the 1st Summer School on Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (WISTEM 2019). She has also contributed in the organization of ACM-W Europe womENcourage Celebration of Women in Computing; in 2017, she was the chair of the supporters programme, in 2016, she was the poster session chair, and in 2015, she acted as a Judge of  the Hackathon, a paper session chair, and as a leader of discussion sessions.

P. Fatourou will take all possible actions to support women in science and will continue contributing towards gender neutrality in computing.